About Us

CPAFinder.com has been connecting clients to CPAs and accounting firms for over a decade!

Initially launched in 1998, CPA Finder  was immediately recognized as a leader.  Recognized as a "Supersite" by Entrepreneur Magazine and seen in the the CPA Technology Advisor in the Payroll Marketing Guide written by PayCycle as one of the recommended Accountant Directories to get listed on. 

In the early days of the Internet, accountants were slower to adopt Internet marketing than some of the other professional markets we  focused on like dentistry, real estate and plastic surgery. These markets also had more competition which really helped our team gain the invaluable knowledge and experience you get by working in fiercely competitive markets. Our dental directories were recently acquired by a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq that they themselves just got bought by a private equity firm for 640 million dollars. 

We are excited about the accounting market as a whole and feel there will be many good years ahead for CPA firms and associated professionals as the demand for professional tax knowledge becomes more valuable.

Along with providing you with opportunities to attract new clients we offer many different ways for consumers/prospective clients to find an accounting professional in their local market.

Whether you want to find an accountant or you are an accounting firm seeking CPA marketing opportunities online we can help, be sure to also ask about our accountant website design services.