Bad Credit

Were you a wild youth with a substantial line of credit or someone with such a bad habit of overspending that your friends or family members had encapsulate your credit card in a block of ice in the freezer?

If you have been negligent with bills, loan payments and other financial obligations chances are that you have been made to wear the badge of bad credit.

Bad credit means that you have received a negative rating from a credit reporting agency. Factors such as non-payment of an account or late payments over an extended length of time can contribute to a bad credit rating and depending on the severity of the contributing offences, a person’s bad credit rating can last for years.

Having bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a scoundrel running from your bills and lenders. Bad credit can be caused by a number of factors including surprise expenses like exorbitant hospital bills and home repair necessities.

Typically bad credit is incurred early in life when credit is dealt with irresponsibly. It is easy to ring up a host of debts when you mix a lack of financial organization with a lot of over-borrowing and forgetfulness when it comes to repayment.

Ways to Avoid Bad Credit:

  • Try to sustain a steady, well-paying job for a few years before applying for any loans or credit cards
  • If you do decide to apply for a loan or mortgage find a reliable cosigner with a good credit history who can make payments if you cannot
  • Always pay your bills on time
  • Pay off all of your outstanding loans before taking on new ones.
  • Make larger than necessary payments towards credit cards, loans and mortgages when it is financially possible

Having bad credit is no good, so before you sign up for loans or credit make sure that you have a viable method of repayment so you can avoid financial scorn in the future.