Loans and Mortgages

A gorgeous new home to house a growing family. A cool new car to get you around town. A spacious boat to carry you across lakes and rivers. An education to get you the job of your dreams. A cozy little office to help you start a business you know can grow into a multimillion-dollar empire. Whatever it is you’re hoping for, there’s a loan out there that can help you get it.

Of course, not all loans are made equal. You have to shop around and do your research to find the loan that best meets your needs. Once you’ve found it, you have to apply. Should you get approved, you’ll have to know how to go about paying it back. Loans are complicated, but not difficult. Browse through our website, and find out what loans are available out there for you.

If it’s a new home you’re after, skip ahead to the Mortgage section of this site. Unlike loans, mortgages are legal documents that pledge a property (such as your new home!) to a lender as security for payment of a debt. The more of your mortgage you have paid off, the more of your property you actually own.

Loans and mortgages both require principal (the amount originally borrowed) and interest (charges incurred during the payback period). This website will help you understand both.

Never been a math whiz? No worries! We’ll provide you with all the information you need—plus tips on finding loan and mortgage calculators, and directories linking you to loan and mortgage professionals—to start you on the quest for the right loan or mortgage for you. Use this website to master your loan and mortgage basics, and let the lenders do the rest!