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In a society where success is largely equated with material wealth most people spend their lives slaving away to make a buck.

But what happens when that hard earned money is suddenly sucked up by an unexpected disaster or medical emergency? Worse yet, what if every cent you make is siphoned into the hands of your debtors rather than into your bank account? When these situations occur fighting to exist seems more important that slaving to succeed.

In the event of an emergency or when it comes time to make a big investment credit and loans can seem like lifesavers, the only problem is many people find it all too easy to get pulled in over their heads. For some declaring bankruptcy becomes the only way to escape drowning in debt.

For this reason, it is imperative that each person who is thrown a financial life preserver, in the form of a loan, mortgage or credit card, understands how to properly deal with repayment to avoid indefinite debt.

The first step to debt-free living involves investigating all the different financial options available and this is where credit counselors, accountants and bankruptcy lawyers come in handy. These professionals can lend a hand when it comes to demystifying confusing financial contracts and legal jargon.

Once you are out of this mess, you should know all of the tips, strategies and short cuts to ensure that it never happens again. This means finding the best interest rates for your loan application, locating the best lenders and mortgage brokers and finding the financing your deserve in your quest for the best mortgage rates.

Dealing with debt may feel like trying to swim with a cinder block chained to your ankle, but there are ways to alleviate the pressure and get back on a path to financial freedom.